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16 Absolute Greatest Seafood Dining places In Barcelona, Spain — Tasting Table

The Merman

For almost 120 years, May Solé provides been serving signature rice and seafood dishes towards the citizens plus admirers of Barcelona. In order to first opened up in 1903, Can Solé was the go-to spot for nearby fishermen. Now, it is usually among the city’s most identified and loved restaurants, and it will be safe to say that Can Solé provides cracked the particular code on how to create crowd-pleasing yet traditional Mediterranean food.

The menu at Can Solé can be extensive and full of a wide range of seafood for diners to select from. Through simple The spanish language favorites such as  lobster with tomato and sea food paella  to more complicated and layered delicacies like  the particular Catalan cod, fried with onions, grape, raisin, plus pine nut products — right now there is some thing for each palette in this long-standing spot.

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