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An unusual peek into how Red House Sea food restaurant works on its… : Channel NewsAsia

The Merman

Often, in case crabs are kept in environments that will stress all of them out – if the salinity or oxygen degree of the water isn’t perfect, for instance – these people begin to flag; their hip and legs might drop off, plus they do not live for as long.

Making sure they’re well farmed plus looked after, say Red House’s director Bob Chang and executive recipient Chen Khay Boon, ensures the customer has got the ideal crab encounter possible – no hollow shells, mushy flesh or compromised sweet taste.

Naturally , this is well suited for everyone but the crabs inasmuch as they will eventually be consumed, but then again, they will are also probably consumed within the wild by their natural predators this kind of as larger fish, octopi, sea otters and even, apparently, each other.

Indeed, crabs, such as many some other crustaceans, can exhibit cannibalistic behaviour. (Chang said, centered on daily observation, the fact that Australian rock lobsters would be the Hannibal Lectors of the seafood planet; the Birkenstock boston ones are usually fine, even though. )

I actually was really curious regarding how just about all this crab farming takes place within the restaurant kitchen area, therefore i sprang right down to Crimson House’s flagship restaurant from Grand Copthorne Waterfront in order to have a peek.

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