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Claro is a Brazilian telecommunications company that provides mobile, fixed, and broadband services. Founded in 2003, it is a joint venture between six regional operators. The company combines satellite-television, fixed and broadband services as well as value added services. Whether you are looking for a faster Internet connection or the latest in satellite-television technology, Claro can deliver the service you need.

Claro is a Brazilian telecommunications company

Claro Brazil is a leading telecommunications provider in Latin America. With over 65 million customers, Claro has extensive coverage across the country. It provides a comprehensive suite of integrated connectivity, entertainment, and productivity solutions across multiple platforms. It is also a pioneer in content innovation. Its network covers over 95 percent of the Brazilian territory. Claro is the fastest-growing mobile operator in the country, and it is the market leader in enterprise services.

Claro‘s innovation efforts are focused on delivering customer experiences while reducing costs. To achieve this, Claro has begun working with startups and is actively searching for new technologies. It has also begun exploring new business areas such as Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, Agriculture 4.0, FinTechs, and data management. Claro is also investing heavily in its digital platforms and network infrastructure.

Claro is part of the America Movil business group, which is a holding company for the Carlos Slim business group. The company owns Claro, Embratel, and Net, all of which operate in the country. Claro Brazil‘s network covers over 200 metropolitan areas and is currently the leader in the fixed broadband market with a nearly 30% market share.

Claro is launching an app called Claro Pay, a mobile payment application. It aims to democratize payments by removing unnecessary bureaucracy, reducing collection costs, and retaining customers. This new app is based on a cloud-based architecture, with analytics engines based on machine learning and robotization.

It offers mobile, satellite-television, fixed and broadband services

Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Claro Brazil is a multiservice telco offering mobile, fixed, and broadband services. Its network covers 96% of the country and offers integrated solutions for connectivity, entertainment, productivity, and digital services. The company’s mobile offerings include GSM, UMTS, and LTE/LTE-A technologies. Claro Brazil has approximately 59 million subscribers.

Claro Brazil has the highest average download speed in the country. Its 850-MHz (B5) frequency is used primarily in remote regions, while its 2100-MHz (B1) frequency is used mainly in the metropolitan area. The company also owns some 1900 MHz spectrum and blocks. These spectrums are used for LTE and 3G services, but only in certain areas.

The pay-TV market is becoming more competitive in Brazil. Claro has partnered with America Movil, which offers DTH services to Brazilians. Claro Brazil will be able to offer more Video-on-Demand services to its subscribers with the adoption of DTH technology. It also has a larger distribution footprint, which will help Claro improve its APU.

The company is working to build out its network. It plans to start a nationwide LTE network in the next few years. It is currently only available in the metropolitan area of Brasilia, but it plans to roll out the service to other cities and regions in the coming years.

It also offers value added services

Claro Brazil is a communication service provider based in Brazil. The company is undergoing a rapid technological transformation, and is committed to improving customer engagement and experience. Its 5G SA service, branded 5G+, is currently available in 52 districts. The service is based on the commercial 2.3GHz 5G spectrum. The company expects to offer speeds of 600Mbps to 800Mbps, with the potential for speeds of 1Gbps.

Claro is part of the America Movil group, and is one of the largest mobile operators in the country. Its networks serve 96% of Brazil’s population. It offers integrated solutions that promote connectivity, entertainment, productivity, and digital services. In addition to providing mobile and fixed phone services, Claro also offers TV subscriptions and fixed broadband connections.

Claro Brazil also offers a value-added English language learning service. It is accessible to Claro customers for R$1.99 a week. Claro Linguas is a popular course, with a high percentage of subscribers becoming active students. Claro Brazil‘s Velti mobile marketing campaign has recruited more than two million subscribers in less than three months. Claro is continuing the campaign until May 2013.

Increasing the popularity of online mobile services has led to the proliferation of mobile advertising. Claro has partnered with MyScreen, an Argentine mobile advertising platform, to offer rewards to customers who engage with their services through their smartphones. Users are rewarded with points that they can redeem for free Claro services.