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Orchid Live Seafood Review: Teochew-Style Lobster Porridge And Salted Baked Crab At Yishun – Eatbook

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Orchid Live Seafood at Yishun


There is something poetic about the coming together of lobster and porridge. Both meals have in the past been regarded as an unhealthy man’s food, yet have inside modern moments been elevated by dining places around the world. That, and the simple fact that it is absolutely delicious, is why We are enamoured with lobster porridge.


And so I couldn’t be more thrilled when Orchid Live Seafood , mentioned to become the dish’s inventors, invited us straight down to their own HomeTeamNS Khatib outlet.

Foods at Orchid Live Seafood

Live seafood restaurants are aplenty inside Singapore, yet what models Orchid Reside Seafood apart from its competitors is two fold: what’s in the seafood tanks, and how the cafe prepares the dishes.


For the Live Lobster Porridge , the tanks offer premium crustaceans, which range from Live Tropical Lobsters (from $72++) to Reside Southern Australian Lobsters ($144++, U. P. $288++) . Most meals, such as the previously mentioned porridge, are usually all prepared in the restaurant’s unique Teochew style.


Our own serving of lobster porridge was made with Southern Australian Lobster, which, this is why in the particular picture above, was a massive, meaty crustacean.


I am not exaggerating when i state this was among the best lobsters I have ever had—it was just so succulent and lovely. And thanks to no less than 4 hours of low-heat boiling, the hot porridge broth brimmed with the rich, umami flavour of lobster.

Comforting yet greatly satisfying, this particular bowl of lobster porridge was as close to perfection as it gets.


Even though it did not hit the heights of the lobster porridge, the Salted Cooked Yellow Roe Crab ($120++ for 2 pieces) was another outstanding dish. Characterized by the roe-filled internal parts and salt-encrusted outsides, the particular meat through this dirt crab was fresh, lovely, and spicy in quite a fascinating method.


I actually say appealing because the particular triple risk of salt, roe, and house-blended spices gave the particular crab an unique flavor, setting this apart through the usual crab meals you find at sea food restaurants. Whilst the meat here wasn’t the many succulent, I particularly enjoyed the meal for its flavour profile.


The Garlic clove Steamed Bamboo bedding Clams ($16. 80++ per piece) , meanwhile, were great to eat. Every clam has been sizable plus meaty, having a pleasing savoury taste courtesy of the garlic clove and soya sauce combo. Strands of vermicelli absorbed all individuals scrumptious flavours.


I actually was impressed by the HÄSTKRAFTER Style Steamed Soon Hock Fish ($8++/100g) , as well. Like the bamboo clams, the straightforward soya sauce base presented the particular natural aroma and quality from the seafood.. And maybe many crucially, the particular meat was steamed to a soft and sensitive texture.


While the particular Signature Steven Chicken (from $16++) is usually one associated with Orchid Reside Seafood’s specialties, I found out it in order to be the slight letdown. Though the crispy batter—marinated with marmite and honey—was undeniably great, the poultry meat has been a little dry plus tough. Even now, it was a slight blip amidst the particular lineup of great sea food.

Ambience with Orchid Reside Seafood


Orchid Live Seafood is a spacious restaurant with lots of seats pertaining to groups of all sizes. Its basic, wooden furnishing, and comfy lights give the space an inviting vibe, making it perfect regarding family gatherings.

The restaurant is a five-minute walk through Khatib MRT Station .

The judgment


The particular quality associated with Orchid Reside Seafood’s cost was exceptional overall, yet their lobster porridge is at fact the tier above the rest—it was honestly outstanding. I was lucky to try the ideal kind of lobster they had, but we have no doubt within our minds which the more inexpensive lobsters will still be delicious inside a comfy bowl of porridge.

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Tackle: 2 Yishun Walk, #03-01, HomeTeamNS Khatib, Singapore 767944
Opening hours: Daily 11am in order to 2: 30pm, 5pm in order to 10pm
Web site
Orchid Live Seafood is certainly not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Tanya Tham.
It was a media tasting from Orchid Live Seafood.  

Orchid Live Seafood Review: Teochew-Style Lobster Porridge And Salted Baked Crab At Yishun

  • Orchid Live Seafood Review: Teochew-Style Lobster Porridge And Salted Baked Crab At Yishun – seven. 5/10

9. 5/10



– Live Lobster Porridge was perfect
– Garlic Steamed Bamboo sheets Clams were meaty plus tasty
– HK Style Steamed Soon Hock Fish has been well-prepared


– Signature Steven Chicken breast was the little dry
– Salted Cooked Yellow Roe Crab could have been more delicious

Suggested dishes: Reside Lobster Porridge (from $72++), Garlic Steamed Bamboo Clams ($16. 80++ per piece), HK Design Steamed Shortly Hock Seafood ($8++/100g)

Opening hours: Daily 11am to 2: 30pm, 5pm to 10pm

Tackle: 2 Yishun Walk, #03-01, HomeTeamNS Khatib, Singapore 767944

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