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To not be confused with pastéis de nata, Pastéis sobre Belém is usually its similar-but-unique cousin using a history that will pre-dates the previous. In the particular 1800s, following to among the monasteries in Belém, Portugal, was a sugar walking cane refinery known for creating baked items to sell off within the connected store (via Pastéis de Belém ). By 1834, all monasteries and convents were pressured to power down; however, somebody from the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, or even Heironymite Monastery, agreed to create pastries to help hold the store (and the monastery) afloat. Eventually, they were known as “Pastéis de Belém. inches

Though they may be no longer created solely by monks, the recipe for this treat has stayed faithful to its original form, differentiating it from your modern-day pastéis de nata. To taste a Pastéis de Belém will be to taste a little bit of Colonial history.

On the eatery of the same name, the pastries are produced inside the self-titled ” Secret Room . ” Generally there are, of course , other products as well, however, you would certainly be remiss to quit by and not get this once-monk-made treat.

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